Power Switches and Motors Rebuilt


Frank Nicodemus Classics and Antiques offer services that can rebuild or replace your window and door power switches. We will rebuild or replace your electric motors, including your air conditioning condenser fan and blower fans.

You will undoubtedly notice the difference in your classic Cadillac or classic car or antique truck. There will be no oil loss or peculiar noises to contend with.

We guarantee our work for one year!

Hydraulic Pistons Electric Motors

  • Power window motors
  • Antenna motors

Reproduction hydraulic pistons and 6- and 12-volt motors are available. We also supply reproduction convertible top hydraulic lines.

At Frank Nicodemus Classics and Antiques, we have upheld reputation as a conscientious and trusted service provider in the classic Cadillac community.

Buying used or reconditioned electrical equipment can be risky. Because there are no industry standards in place to ensure that buyers are always getting the highest quality and most dependable product, we guarantee our rebuilt electric motors for one year and will replace it at no charge if it is flawed.

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