Do you offer a budget plan?

Yes, we will work with your financial plan in mind.


My car panels are rotted.  Where can I buy the correct panels for my car?

Don’t be discouraged by any rotting or rusting on your classic car or antique truck. Rusted out floors, outer rocker panels, lower front fenders, rear quarter panel sections, and all types of braces and supports can all be duplicated in 18-gauge steel, hand formed to replicate the original panel.

At Castle Cadillac, we have state-of-the-art hand forming equipment and can produce your panels or any pattern that you provide to us.  You can always be confident that we will produce the correct pattern for you.


Does your restoration facility do all types of chrome plating, including aluminum, brass and steel?

We plate all types of steel. The final finish on a steel part is related to the age, condition and type of steel the part is made of. If the steel is old, rusted, pitted or deteriorated, it can be restored if there is enough metal left for us to work with.

Sometimes the condition of the part cannot be known until the part is stripped. We can repair holes, cracks and dents in steel parts. Cast iron parts are porous and extremely rough and may not polish out and plate to a mirror finish. You will be notified if your steel part is in a condition that will not result in a proper finish.


Can my chassis and suspension be powder coated? What can be done with my rusty and dirty exhaust manifolds? Can they be powder coated?

We have chrome plated all of our award-winning automobiles and only use the finest process. At Castle Cadillac, Frank Nicodemus and Chris Semke can also powder coat your chassis, exhaust manifold, suspension parts, engine parts and accessories that you might like have done. Your parts will be stripped, polished or blasted, iron phosphate coated; then powder paint is electrostatically applied and heat cured. Once your parts are cured, this process provides a hard durable finish that is highly resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching.

There are hundreds of color choices available, and one of our team experts will help you make your choice. High gloss, semi-gloss, flat, textured, wrinkle, translucent and fluorescent finishes are available.


Why do I need to get the car’s bolts and nuts restored?  Does it really matter?

All of the rusted bolts, nuts, hood hinges and latches are removed and restored back to the original clear or gold finish it had when your classic Cadillac was originally assembled.

Hardware purchased at a hardware store simply will not take the place of original General Motors hardware. Re-assembling your classic Cadillac or classic car restoration to the highest standards is a must for a beautiful finish and gives your restoration the original factory look.