Appraisal Services


Do you have a licensed and bonded appraiser for your purchase or sale of your classic car or antique truck? Or do you rely on unprofessional free advice?

Frank Nicodemus, New York State licensed and bonded appraiser, provides Classic and Antique Car and Truck appraisals for independent buyers, serious collectors and insurance industries worldwide. Mr. Nicodemus is a valuable tool for the classic car connoisseur, bringing the buyer and seller together with a fair price for the car being sold or purchased.

International and U.S. buyers need to have an experienced licensed and bonded appraiser to represent them before purchasing a classic car or antique truck. Our purchase or sale informs you of the vehicle’s condition so you will not pay too much, settle for too little or under insure your collectible automobile or antique truck. Mr. Nicodemus represents and authenticates the buyer or seller’s vehicle. Until the vehicle is inspected, his description of the vehicle remains neutral.

Mr. Nicodemus’ appraisals are recognized internationally by major insurance companies, lending institutions, federal agencies, and state and federal courts.

When You Will Benefit From An Appraisal

  • Before buying or selling a vehicle
  • Before and after restorations
  • Prior to determining import or export taxes
  • While preparing insurance coverage
  • When assessing the value of an estate
  • Securing the collateral for a loan
  • Donating your vehicle
  • Assuring the current value of a vehicle

Pick Up and Delivery Service For Restoration

Pick up and delivery service is available in our enclosed or open trailers.

International Export

Our company can expertly handle your worldwide shipping, including pricing and insurance. International shipping can be done from door to port or port to door. For details and pricing, contact us online.


Unfortunately, some sellers, knowing that you are thousands of miles away and are unlikely to pursue them, keep the deposits they receive from buyers without delivering the promised goods. If a potential buyer sends money to a seller but doesn’t receive the goods, we help the buyer resolve the issue. In these cases, we help to recover your money and expose the seller as a fraud.

Contact us on how to safeguard your purchases.

Appraisal Reports

INSPECTION  A full written appraisal based on condition, identification of the restoration, if any, and all pertinent information on the vehicle. The vehicle will also be photographed and then rated on a universal scale of condition.

Our inspection also includes examining the underside of the car, checking out the suspension, exhaust system, flooring and chassis. To ensure that the motor, transmission and brakes are working. road testing is also an important part of the appraisal.

VERBAL APPRAISAL A verbal appraisal based on interviews with the sellers and buyers as well as any available photographs.

  • Antique vehicles
  • Special interest vehicles
  • Hot rods
  • Vintage vehicles
  • Muscle cars
  • Historic vehicles
  • Classic cars
  • Exotic cars
  • Street rods

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