Frank and Chris, you guys rock!

I first met Frank Nicodemus in 1998, when I came down to his former company, FEN Enterprises of New York, Inc., in Wappinger Falls, New York. Frank showed me his restoration facility and the different steps that are taken when a Cadillac was in the restoration process. I was very impressed with his commitment to perfection. I had heard his reputation about being a perfectionist but I truly witnessed it for myself. The final completion of my car was nothing less than a work of art.

Frank and Chris Semke patiently worked on my 1960 Cadillac Coupe deVille. My car color of York Blue is so gorgeous! I have won Junior and Senior A.A.C.A. the "Rolling Sculpture" award in 2012 at Saratoga Automobile Museum. I now own a beautiful Cadillac that my family can enjoy riding in.

I highly recommend Frank Nicodemus and Chris Semke for all restoration, classic car appraisals, and all of the facets of a classic Cadillac.

Frank and Chris, you guys rock!

Joseph Terico, Jr.
New Rochelle, NY

Thank you Sandra and Frank for the exceptional help you provided in the overall evaluation of my 1987 Cadillac Eldorado

Dear Sandra,

I am so glad to have reached you this afternoon to thank you and Frank for the exceptional help you provided in the overall evaluation of my 1987 Cadillac Eldorado. Your willingness to review all of the original records and photos of the car and determine an appropriate sales price range was invaluable.

In addition, your referral to the Cadillac LaSalle Club and the Self-Starter magazine proved to be the key to the sale of the Cadillac. I had no idea how many Cadillac collectors there were around the world. I joined the club, contacted Melissa Perry and placed an ad in the July issue of Self-Starter.

On July 12, 2016, I received a call from a collector in Australia. The deal was consummated on July 19, 2016 and our wonderful 1987 Cadillac Eldorado will be shipping to Australia in mid-August.

To any Cadillac owner or collector, I can highly recommend Frank Nicodemus as the ultimate resource. You are true professionals!

Thank you again and best regards,

Christine Sherman
Alameda, California

I have conducted business with Frank Nicodemus in all aspects of a classic restoration facility: Sales, Service, Consignment and Storage

I have conducted business with Frank Nicodemus in all aspects of a classic restoration facility: Sales, Service, Consignment and Storage. I brought two of my 1968 Cadillac coupe deVille convertible vehicles for servicing and one for consignment. Frank sold one car for me. He stored my 1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible for me this past winter ensuring its safety.

Frank Nicodemus is an honorable businessman on all levels; when Frank gives you a quote about your car, that is what it is – he doesn’t give you a sales pitch. He doesn’t try to talk you into something that your car doesn’t need. In all of my business dealings with Frank and his staff (Chris Semke and Sandra Nicodemus) I have had no worries or woes. I feel very fortunate to know and to conduct business with Mr. Frank Nicodemus and Castle Cadillac.

Mickey Squillante
Poughkeepsie, New York

Thank for helping me get my car back to her glory days

Thanks for all your hard work and help in helping me get the engine and transmission back to her glory days on my 1956 Cadillac Coupe deVille.

Branko Grbic
New York, New York

but I should say the best out of state vehicle purchase I have ever experienced!

I have had the best, not in state purchase, but I should say the best out of state vehicle purchase I have ever experienced!
I have never met Frank and Sandra Nicodemus in person, yet, I feel I have known them for a very long time; more importantly trust them with a site unseen purchase!
I recently purchased a 1956 Cadillac from them, all done through phone conversations, pictures, and the trust and integrity of Frank and Sandra based on their reputation and performance in this transaction.

Sandra directed me to reliable transportation and followed up daily until my vehicle reached me and I was totally satisfied.
I would never hesitate to re-use their organization for purchase, restoration, or referral based on my experience.

Greg Harakas
Fowlerville, Michigan

Simply put, I could not have been treated better nor could I have had a more positive experience.

Frank and Sandra Nicodemus handled all aspects of my car appraisal, vehicle detailing and consignment with the highest levels of professionalism resulting in a most successful sale.

They did it all with sincere personal kindness and caring.

Simply put - I could not have been treated better nor could I have had a more positive experience.

Thank you Frank and Sandra.

Philip Carter, Jr.

Knoxville, TN

Philip Carter, Jr.
Knoxville, TN

"Give me what you can and pay off the rest when you can", and handed me the keys. "The car is yours."

So great to connect with you Frank after all these years. I hope you are ok with me telling our story on FaceBook. You're a wonderful part of the memories of my youth.
I met Frank in the early 80's when he stopped by my house in Yonkers to ask about a turquoise 4 door flat top '59 Cadillac parked in my driveway that my Grandfather just gave me. I must've been 18 years old at the time. I instantly made a new friend as he knew the car inside out and he wanted to purchase it from me. After I explained I just got the car from my Grandfather and I didn't want to sell it, he said are you going to be around for the next 30 minutes? He left and 30 minutes later arrived at my house in a 1959 black with red interior convertible Cadillac with the top down.He said, "this is the car you really want!"

I fell in love with the car the moment I saw it. I asked how much and he replied $4500. I didn't have the money and I wanted the car badly. I had a job but I think I only had $1500 in my life savings. I explained my situation and said I would love to buy the car.

I asked Frank, "Can I give you a deposit and pay you a few hundred dollars weekly and hold onto the car until it is paid off?" Frank replied, "Give me what you can and pay off the rest when you can", and handed me the keys. "The car is yours." I was dumbfounded. We just met that day. I was a kid. Long story short - Frank sold me the car that day on credit to a stranger kid. I enjoyed the car while i paid it off. I ended up buying several more '59 Caddies and frank worked on them for me. Frank, do you remember when I had my brown primered Sedan parked across the street from you and we were just talking about the pitman arm recall? As I went to leave, I heard a loud crack and my steering wheel spun freely. The pitman arm snapped. Frank said leave the car - I'll fix it and he gave me a ride home.

I loved that '59 Cadillac convertible. Enjoyed it for many years and ended up selling it at auction in Massachusetts for $14,900. That owner ended up selling it a few years later for $75,000.
LOVED that car and I wish I kept it. Thank you Frank for a great time in my life with a great car. And you made it happen.
I'm glad to re-connect. I hope all is well with you and your family. Do you have a '59 Caddy Convertible for sale?
I have video. I will post soon.

Gordon Gerald Giles Gebert

1962 Cadillac Coupe deVille

When I was little, I had someone in my life who loved me so much, unconditionally: My dad. When he died, I thought everything was over. Fast forward more than 20 years and Ive met someone who makes me so happy, I can't even describe it. My boyfriend took an old photo of my father in front of a 62 Cadillac that I cherish and turned it into a dream come true, purchasing the same exact model from the photo for us. But of course, it needed a lot of work. Although my boyfriend rocks, he wouldn't be able to do this magnificent restoration w/o help from the guys at Castle Cadillac. Frank Nicodemus and Chris Semke are two of the nicest people I ever met. They take restoring cars very seriously. They've found and added original embellishments such as glass and chrome pieces that I never thought was possible. They work with our schedule, and don't do any major work w/o consulting us. They are true pros at what they do. True artists! I highly recommend them. If Yelp offered more than five stars, Castle Cadillac would get all of them!

Barbara R.
Staten Island, New York

1959 Cadillac Bullet and Grille Restoration

I received the grilles on Thursday, October 30, 2014. I only opened 1 package and the workmanship is great! The packaging was really well done and didn't appear to have any damage at all. Thanks again to Frank, Chris and Sandy for all your time and effort to make this happen.

Jon Hartwell
Junction City, OR

"What you need is an Appraiser,” Of course – that’s the word I was looking for if I couldn’t inspect it myself.

There were lots of them listed in Hemmings and I located one in New York (Frank Nicodemus) who agreed to inspect the Caddy and give a full report with loads of pictures.

We couldn’t wait for the report to arrive, in case we missed out, and phoned him to discover that he thought the car was virtually A1 and well worth the money. A deal was clinched.

Pat and Ted
Scotland – Cadillac Owners Club of Great Britain

Frank Nicodemus provided excellent service in appraising my 1973 Datsun 240 Z.

He did an excellent job.  I highly recommend Frank for any classic car appraisal.  He brought the true value of my car for just pennies!


Frank DiGiandomenico
Wappingers Falls, New York

Frank Nicodemus and his team of experts have kept my pride and joy – my 1958 Cadillac Coupe deville in excellent condition.

I have won 1st place awards with my car at local Westchester County, New York, classic car shows.



Michael Acocella
Yorktown Heights, NY

Frank Nicodemus is the most knowledgeable person that I know in the field of automobile restoration.

I have seen much of his work in the past 12 years that I have known him. He is honest, trustworthy, dependable and his price for service is reasonable, considering the quality of his work. He will work with you and your budget. His knowledge of sources of parts and services is vast. He is a judge of Cadillac’s at many of the larger local car shows. Anyone who is considering maintaining or restoring an older car should contact him first.


Peter Lawrence
Saugerties, New York

I found Frank in Hemmings in 2012.

I was looking for advice and expertise. I found both! Ultimately, Frank sourced upholstery, fabric, headliner, carpet and a number of other parts that others had been unsuccessful in finding. I can unequivocally recommend anyone restoring a Cadillac, or for that matter, pretty much any GM brand, that they can depend on Frank to “get ‘er done” promptly and properly.


Bob Dixon
1960 Cadillac 62-39 Greensboro, NC

I had a very positive dealing with Frank for my 74 Eldorado.

We communicated via emails and the responses were very quick even with a 12 hour time difference between the US and Pakistan. The parts were sent as committed and got to my friend in NY within two days. My friend left NY the next day and got the parts to me in Karachi, Pakistan another two days later. The weather stripping was of excellent quality and were easily installed. Over all I rate Frank Nicodemus Classics and Antiques as an excellent parts supplier and I look forward to doing alot more business with them.


Hasan Jafar
Khi, Pakistan

I have worked with Frank Nicodemus since 1992 supplying worldwide importing and exporting of his customer’s classic Cadillac’s.

Frank always takes care of his customer’s; he makes sure that every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted, and all of his bases are covered.  He always pays his bills; in fact, he pays up front and in his 45-year career has never had an insurance claim exporting classic cars. Every transaction I have had with Frank has run smoothly and perfectly.  Frank’s vast experience with shipping classic cars around the world makes him very easy to work with.

I highly recommend Frank Nicodemus for all of your importing and exporting of classic cars and antique trucks.


William R. Joyce
Senior Manager, OEC Group, JFK International Airport

I First became acquainted with Frank Nicodemus in June of 1999 after I purchased my first 1958 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and had plans to use this vehicle for my daughters wedding in September, 1999.

I traveled down to Frank’s former shop FEN Enterprises of New York in Wappinger Falls, New York, spent a few hours there interviewing Frank and talking to some of his employees and getting the $.58 cent tour of the shop, upholstery area and looked over the cars that he was working on. I liked everything that I saw, I told Frank about my position with a dead line and we agreed he could have it done.

I brought the car down, Frank looked it all over, made a few suggestions and he started the project. I made a few trips down to bring parts and check the progress. I picked the car up at the end of August, 1999.

I have called Frank several times asking for advice on different things about the car and or looking for parts. He has been very helpful over the years.

A year or two later, I purchased a 1958 Eldorado Biarritz Convertible in very good condition, but I did not like all the gray inside and out. I stripped the car all most 100% short of a body off. I remember bringing various parts down for restoration, front bumpers to be chromed, grille to be Gold and anodized, the entire upholstery, everything from sun visors, brackets that hold the rear view mirror, chrome moldings around the inside of the windshield. Frank inventoried everything and started the process of restoration on the various parts. There were also gold letters (Eldorado) and a (V) that goes on the rear trunk lid. Shortly after some of the parts came back bumpers, grille and I picked them up and everything was beautiful. I highly recommend Frank Nicodemus for all of your classic Cadillac needs.


Joseph Kelley
Schenectady, New York

I purchased a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado through Frank.

The car has been running great and I have taken it to a number of car shows.  Frank’s customer service has been excellent and he has been a pleasure to deal with.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another car through Frank.


Mark Berube
New Jersey

Since 1994, I have known and recommended Frank Nicodemus for restoration work to my customers and friends.

As an owner of 5 NAPA franchise stores in Dutchess County, I rarely recommend my customer’s for work, but I have the upmost confidence in Frank and his work and I have highly recommended Frank.

My 1960 Eldorado Biarritz looks absolutely spectacular! Frank painted my choice of color, Pompian Red, and added a new Black vinyl top with red piping. The combination of both is certainly a jaw dropper!


Jack Haverty
Pleasant Valley, New York

The 22-year-old frame off restoration on my 1960 Eldorado Biarritz by Frank Nicodemus is a work of art.

I have won Junior, Senior, Preservation at AACA and Cadillac LaSalle Grand National Winner awards.

As all artwork, it is your investment and it is important to do it right the first time so that the value of your investment increases the value. My father always told me if you are going to have work done on your car, it is the same as having work done on your house. Do it right the first time and it will last for decades.

Frank Nicodemus is the most precise Cadillac restorer in the world. He is a perfectionist and always has been. All of his restorations are superior.

Gerald Lambert
New Rochelle, NY

While in Virginia in 2001, I purchased a 1961 Cadillac series 62 convertible.

It was very difficult to start the car. You had to pump the gas pedal and turn the key 10 or 12 times before the car would finally start. I determined that the carburetor needed to be rebuilt. After searching for someone to perform the work, I discovered Frank Nicodemus. I sent the carburetor to Frank in NY. A short time later, the rebuilt carburetor arrived. When I opened the box, the carburetor looked like new. Also included in the package was a variety of gaskets (at no charge). I installed the rebuilt carburetor, pumped the gas pedal once, turned the key, and the car started on the first try! It ran great.

When it was time to restore my car, I brought it to FEN Enterprises. What I did not know at that time was Frank was no longer at FEN. The restoration turned into a nightmare. Money, lawyers, more money, 7 years of anguish, and then, more money!  The car was unfinished and left in pieces. I finally got the car and its parts back and was going to try and sell it and accept the losses. But then, I spoke with Frank. After a few discussions, he agreed to try to resolve this bad situation. He and his team are in the process of righting the wrongs of others and will be completing the restoration. I’m confident that my car will be a thing of beauty and that this story will have a happy ending.


Gene Simone
Wappingers Falls, New York

I am French and I decided to buy a 1956 Cadillac Coupe de Ville in the USA.

I located the car through Mr. Frank Nicodemus in New York. I had no problems, and no difficulty with the transaction.  Everything went well. I recommend Mr. Nicodemus.


Mr. Duchamp

I have been doing business with Frank Nicodemus for 30 years regarding repair and restoration of my classic Cadillac’s –

My 1958 Eldorado Brougham, 1957 Eldorado Biarritz, and my 1958 Eldorado Seville. In my 30 years of conducting business with Frank, I have always found him to be meticulous and competent in his work.  He has always shown himself to be honest and straightforward in our business communications.

Thomas McGarrity
Attorney-at-Law, White Plains, New York

I have known Frank Nicodemus for approximately nine years and I have found him to be a professional in his work.

He knows in great detail, the old Cadillacs, probably as well as anyone in the country. Upon working on my car, he took great concern in every minuscule detail. I found him to be warm hearted, honest and friendly.

Joseph Puzio
New Rochelle, NY

I can’t tell you when I first met Frank Nicodemus because I feel like I have known him all my life.

I do know that I met him through my Dad, Jack McFadden who played a big part in the story that I am going to relate to you.  Here it goes…..

Way back when, my dad decided he had found the perfect car and he just had to have it. Of course that had happened about 20 times before and yes we did have at least that many cars by the time I was in my 20’s.  But now he had a 4-year-old grandson named Blaine and he had to make sure that he had a car when he grew up.  My mother just rolled her eyes and went with the flow!  This was how the 70 Caddy convertible came into our lives.  It was treated like a member of the family and only taken out in the best of weather or to a sunny day car show.  It was at one of these car shows that I think I met Frank.  My dad had a deal of some kind with Frank that when the day came that the caddy needed some TLC that Frank would be the guy to do it.

The years rolled on and in order to make sure he didn’t sell the caddy he made a pact with Blaine.  “If you stay on the straight and narrow and don’t get into any serious trouble (drugs, alcohol, women etc.) When you turn 21 years old I will give you the caddy.  Well, if this wasn’t an incentive I don’t know what was!  And it worked!  It kept my dad from selling it and it kept Blaine on his toes.  Success!  So on his 21st Blaine became the official owner of the most beautiful car in the world.  The deal was to keep it at Grampie’s so it could be protected from the elements.

The years rolled on some more and in 2001 our beloved dad and grampie passed away.  His house was sold and the caddy went to Blaine’s house to live… while the other cars came to my house.  Well Blaine had a tendency to be a tad hard on anything with a motor in it so needless to say because it didn’t stay in the garage much it became in dire need of Frank’s expertise!

Long story short, Blaine had a serious car accident (not in the caddy) and was unable for many years to do anything with the caddy.  So I decided to repossess it and fulfill my dad’s dream of having Frank redo the car.

Frank had a special interest in doing this car.  He had promised my dad that he would do it and I think that his love for my dad shines through every detail on the car.  Frank is a genius when it comes to Cadillac’s.  He knows them inside and out.  He knows how to find the parts, even the most difficult ones to locate.  He takes pictures of his progress so you have a collection when he has completed his work.  The difference between Frank and someone else in the business is that he is proud of what he does.  He takes his time and he does it right!  It goes without saying that I would recommend him to anyone who wants their car done the right way.

The 70 Caddy convertible is now a showpiece.  It has been brought back to its original beauty.  It is Corinthian Blue and sparkles in the sunlight.   Frank told me it was the most original car he had ever restored.  That’s thanks to my dad for keeping it pristine for so long.  I know he is smiling somewhere and saying “thanks Frank you did a hell of a job!”



Lynda McFadden Bertling
Kingston, New York

I HIGHLY recommend Frank Nicodemus for all of your classic Cadillac restorations, parts, services and maintenance.

I have known Frank Nicodemus for over 25 years, both as a customer from my former photographic store, Sprint Photo, and as a customer of his at his classic Cadillac restoration facility.

In late 2004 and early 2005, for 6 months, Frank was kind enough to let me build my Cobra Kit Car at his restoration facility.  While I was building my car, I personally witnessed Frank working on a daily basis.  He would be the first one at work in the morning and the last one to leave at night.  He would answer the phone, answer numerous questions, manage restorations, all hands-on.  His knowledge of parts and what parts are authentic and appropriate of what model cars is absolutely extraordinary.  Anyone who speak with Frank for more than 5 minutes find him extraordinary.


Anthony Stefano