It takes an endless passion for perfection, a culture of pride, and a zeal for setting standards that create a whole new class of excellence - and that steal the show, every time.

From Cadillacs to Cobras, we can make it happen! We can restore your car to a Daily Driver or to a Number 1 Concours d'Elegance or AACA winner.

Whatever your vision, all you have to do is describe your ideal Cadillac or classic car, and we will turn that picture into a reality, and you will fall in love with your automobile all over again.

Frank Nicodemus, former owner of F.E.N. Enterprises, has earned a worldwide reputation for perfection and integrity; and his concern for his customers motivates everything that he does. Chris Semke and Frank Nicodemus, working together for over 25 years, have maintained their dominance in the Cadillac and classic car restoration world, and their union is welcomed and appreciated in preserving the Standard of the World.

Restoring your gem is an investment, but rest assured that you will only have to restore your vehicle once when you bring it to us. Our guarantee exceeds the automotive standard of 90 days or 10,000 miles. Your car will be worked on in our secured, temperature controlled restoration facility.

If you would like to budget your payments a personalized plan will be made just for you.

Your restoration project is customized for you. Our process includes:

· Discussing your vision for the restoration
· Assessing your car’s current condition
· Setting a completion date
· Estimating a price

Our experience enables us to offer you the highest quality work for your vehicle, but we also make sure that you enjoy the process of restoring your vehicle. That means customer service as well as exceptional work. We want you to leave with the Cadillac that you always dreamed of along with confidence in your decision to turn to us for your vehicle restoration.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your Cadillac. We appreciate your continuing to keep Cadillac the Standard of Excellence!